© reflexologist-leeds.co.uk 2011 | Created and maintained by John Tankard Reflexologist Leeds Reflexology Leeds - Reflexologist Leeds downloadable pdf Relax, Unwind, with Leeds’ No.1 Reflexologist Reflexology Leeds aims to encourage a healthier body, cleansing and stimulating the blood and lymph circulatory systems, so allowing the body to function more efficiently. The anatomy is reflected on the feet. By using pressures and holds on reflex points found on the feet, the Reflexologist can stimulate a response within the body’s structures and energy. There is no minimum or maximum age limit that can benefit from Reflexology and problematic symptoms are varied; for example, PMS, digestive disorders, and pains, migraines, sinusitis, repetitive injuries and antenatal and postnatal care. Reflexology encourages the body to return to a natural state by removing congestion and toxins from the body. It is deeply relaxing and energizing. Reflexology can bring about the same sensations of relaxation and restfulness that a body massage can produce. It can be of most help in relieving stress and related conditions. You do not have to be unwell in order to benefit from treatment. Reflexology Leeds Reflexology Leeds - Reflexologist Leeds Reflexology Leeds - Reflexologist Leeds
Olya Harkin - Reflexologist Leeds - Reflexology Leeds